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The industrial designer Benjamin Hubert created the ceramic collection Seams for Bitossi. Born from the study of an innovative manufacturing process, this series is made through a mold, composed of several parts, where the slip casting of the ceramic material takes place; the junction lines between the pieces of the mold mark the surface of the object in a geometric way.
bitossi-gray-vase-lid-H26cm-benjamin-hubert | ikonitaly
bitossi gray vase lid D, H26cm, benjamin hubert
Regular price € 434.43 € 412.00
bitossi-benjamin-hubert-seams-vase-lid-HUB-10 | ikonitaly
bitossi benjamin hubert seams vase with lid HUB-10
Regular price € 483.61 € 460.00
bitossi-gray-green-vase-lid-C-H39cm-by-hubert | ikonitaly
bitossi gray-green vase with lid C, H39cm by hubert
Regular price € 450.82 € 428.00
bitossi-white-vase-lid-B-H33cm-benjamin-hubert | ikonitaly
bitossi white vase with lid B H33cm, benjamin hubert
Regular price € 400.00
bitossi-tall-yellow-vase-lid-A-H60cm-HUB-6 | ikonitaly
bitossi ceramiche tall yellow vase with lid A H60cm HUB-6
Regular price € 450.82 € 428.28
bitossi-HUB-5-two-tone-benjaminhubert-bowl | ikonitaly
bitossi HUB-5 two-tone benjamin hubert bowl
Regular price € 450.82 € 428.00
bitossi-tub-vase-pink-clay-benjamin-hubert-H28cm | ikonitaly
bitossi tub large vase pink, benjamin hubert H28cm
Regular price € 376.00
bitossi-ceramiche-sage-bottle-vase-H55cm-HUB-3 | ikonitaly
bitossi ceramiche sage bottle vase H55cm HUB-3
Regular price € 434.43 € 412.70
bitossi-vase-HUB-2-small-barrel-vase | ikonitaly
bitossi vase HUB-2 small barrel vase
Regular price € 396.00
bitossi-barrel-vase-hubert-seams-collection-H32_5cm | ikonitaly
bitossi barrel vase hubert seams collection H32,5cm
Regular price € 450.82 € 428.00

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