ledsc4 interior lighting

The company ledsc4 started its operations in Torà in the province of Lleida, Spain in the early 1960’s, producing hand-forged lamps for high end interior lighting.

From the year 2000, Ledsc4 concentrated its efforts in the design and production of ultra modern pieces combining traditional and innovative materials. The introduction of LED technology to the world of lighting in 2008 gave Ledsc4 the opportunity to embrace the new technology with vigour by developing a number of exciting ultra contemporary interior lighting fixtures.

ledsc4 invisible reader large wall lamp
Regular price€ 369.50€ 320.00
ledsc4 invisible reader small wall lamp
Regular price€ 331.95€ 288.00
ledsc4 invisible wall lighting fixture
Regular price€ 551.70€ 476.00
ledsc4 invisible modular led pendant light
Regular price€ 1,089.20€ 942.00
ledsc4 invisible single adjustable pendant light
Regular price€ 447.55€ 388.00
ledsc4 invisible single led pendant light
Regular price€ 313.60€ 272.00
ledsc4 invisible adjustable steel table lamp
Regular price€ 449.05€ 400.00
ledsc4 invisible led adjustable floor lamp
Regular price€ 583.00€ 520.00
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