panzeri interior & outdoor lighting fixtures

The Italian company Panzeri has been playing a leading role in the manufacturing of interior lighting fixtures for over 70 years. Its products, widely exported, are featured in some of the most prestigious and exclusive interiors and outdoor spaces the world over.

Thanks to a cutting-edge manufacturing process which takes place entirely within the company’s premises from conception to completion, the Panzeri products guarantee superior quality and excellent performance thanks to the highest standard hand-picked raw materials which are blended together with impeccable design to create state-of the art, entirely made in Italy, lighting objects.

Each piece is then put through a number of rigorous tests in order to comply with the toughest European safety and quality standards before reaching its final market destination. Panzeri is also deeply committed to a policy that actively encourages environmentally sustainable manufacturing processes, which are energy efficient and kind to the environment.
panzeri ginevra 80 pendant light
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panzeri ginevra 53 pendant light
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