misuraemme high-end furniture

new solutions and use of innovative eco-friendly materials have characterized Misuraemme's high-end furniture to this very day. 

The history of Misuraemme starts at the beginning of the last century. The company immediately set the standard for high quality made in Italy furnishings and home accessories. The originality of the designs, the continuous strive for new solutions and the use of innovative eco-friendly materials have characterized all the Misuraemme collections to this very day. Besides the storage systems and night complements all part of the contemporary collection, the ‘classic historic collection’ offers some very iconic pieces of modern design such as the AA1 Alvar Aalto sofabed, the WM armchair designed by Werner Max Moser, the AR1 food trolley designed by Alfred Roth in the 1930’s. Among the contemporary pieces, Ikonitaly particularly likes the Super Hella armchair and Gramercy low table both designed by Mauro Lipparini.

misuraemme aa1 iconic aalto sofabed
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