luceplan contemporary lighting & lamps

luceplan contemporary lighting & lamps

Luceplan, a leader in the ...


Luceplan, a leader in the production of contemporary lighting systems and fixtures, was founded in 1978. From the very beginning, the Italian company has been characterized by a strong investment in research in order to produce high-quality innovative products with a distinctive contemporary design. Part of Luceplan’s distinctive collection is a number of world famous iconic designs, such as the contemporary classics Fortebraccio and Costanza or the futuristic Nothing and Counterbalance.

luceplan-fortebraccio-industrial-design-desk-lamp-black-soft-touch | ikonitaly
luceplan fortebraccio industrial design desk lamp
Regular price € 259.83 € 246.84
luceplan-counterbalance-minimalist-wall-lamp-black | ikonitaly
luceplan counterbalance minimalist wall lamp
Regular price € 882.79 € 838.65
luceplan-counterbalance-iconic-floor-lamp-black | ikonitaly
luceplan counterbalance iconic floor lamp
Regular price € 722.13 € 686.00
luceplan-blow-ceiling-fan-lamp-dimmable | ikonitaly
luceplan blow ceiling fan lamp dimmable
Regular price € 595.08 € 565.00
luceplan-ascent-table-lamp-black-with-base | ikonitaly
luceplan ascent table lamp modern design
Regular price € 535.25 € 508.00
luceplan-tango-modern-minimalist-floor-lamp-black | ikonitaly
luceplan tango modern minimalist floor lamp
Regular price € 1,038.52 € 986.60
luceplan-soleil-noir-modern-hanging-lamp-black-white | ikonitaly
luceplan soleil noir modern hanging lamp
Regular price € 1,999.18 € 1,899.00
luceplan-otto-watt-slim-table-lamp-black | ikonitaly
luceplan otto watt slim table lamp
Regular price € 421.31 € 400.00

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