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From the very start, Sphaus, founded by Fil...


From the very start, Sphaus, founded by Filippo dell’Orto in 2004, chose to design and produce original, innovative high quality made in Italy furniture, contemporary lighting and home accessories.

Back then the company already showed a rare clarity of intent by fusing in its designs functionality and beauty while at the same time managing to combine the industrial process with an uncommon strive for quality and attention to detail elements more at home with hand-crafted pieces than mass produced furnishings. During the last decade and half, the Sphaus collection has grown considerably, enriched by original pieces designed by the best Italian and international designers. Despite their originality, talent and creativity, those designers have successfully managed to keep true to the brand’s original philosophy.

Today Sphaus offers its worldwide clientele innovative furnishings and accessories for work, domestic and public spaces. It is particularly active in the contract sector.         

spHaus lite aluminum indoor/outdoor low table dove grey & red | ikonitaly
spHaus lite aluminum indoor low table
Regular price € 3,950.00
spHaus-forrest-clothes-hanger-room-divider | ikonitaly
spHaus forrest clothes hanger/room divider
Regular price € 1,490.00
spHaus E.T. iconic floor lamp
€ 1,570.00
spHaus-BB-8-iconic-table-lamp-copper | ikonitaly
spHaus BB/8 iconic table lamp
€ 1,820.00

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