nemo innovative and avant-garde lighting

For over 25 years, Nemo has been a reference point in the field of innovative and avant-garde lighting. Born with the collaborative efforts of creative designers such as Carlo Forcolini, Jehs & Laub, Javier Mariscal, Karim Rashid, Ilaria Marelli, Foster & Partners, Hannes Wettstein and Roberto Paoli, the contemporary collection offers an exciting array of superb – uncompromising state of the art light furnishings. The ‘Masters’ collection includes a selection of historic and iconic lighting complements designed by the likes of Le Corbusier, Vico Magistretti, Franco Albini, Charlotte Perriand and Kazuhide Takahama.

nemo parliament sleek lighting floor lamp
Regular price€ 880.00€ 786.00
nemo linescapes horizontal pendant lamp
Regular price€ 560.00€ 504.00
nemo applique de marseille le corbusier wall lamp
Regular price€ 380.00€ 340.00
nemo tru floor lighting with panels
Regular price€ 1,555.00€ 1,390.00
nemo lampe de marseille le corbusier wall lamp
Regular price€ 720.00€ 644.00
nemo in the wind pendant horizontal suspension lamp
Regular price€ 1,850.00€ 1,655.00
nemo in the wind contemporary led floor lamp
Regular price€ 1,850.00€ 1,655.00
nemo titia miyake suspension led lamp
Regular price€ 1,635.00€ 1,470.00
nemo bird osann timeless desk lamp
Regular price€ 485.00€ 434.00
nemo kepler miyake design pendant lamp
Regular price€ 1,595.00€ 1,355.00
nemo wall shadows petit kalpakian wall led lamp
Regular price€ 245.00€ 208.00
nemo wall shadows grand 3-dimensional lighting
Regular price€ 2,835.00€ 2,409.75
nemo spigolo wall led modern lighting in aluminum
Regular price€ 275.00€ 246.00
nemo linescapes floor
Regular price€ 700.00€ 626.00
nemo angolo mezzo corner wall light
Regular price€ 335.00€ 284.75
nemo on lines nouvel coloured table led lamp
Regular price€ 420.00€ 376.00
nemo newton branzi apple floor led lamp
Regular price€ 1,750.00€ 1,486.00
nemo neo osann standing lamp
Regular price€ 480.00€ 408.00
nemo kepler minor minimal design pendant light
Regular price€ 1,230.00€ 1,045.00
nemo kalpakian wall shadows long led light
Regular price€ 1,255.00€ 1,066.00
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