unique carpets and rugs for interiors

explore and discover our unique collection of carpets and rugs, hand woven by artisans, to satisfy any interior design project.
carpet edition murano swirl hand tufted rugs
Regular price€ 880.00€ 836.00
carpet edition vermont hand-woven minimalist rugs
Regular price€ 604.00€ 573.80
carpet edition stones soft rugs
Regular price€ 1,036.00€ 984.20
carpet edition steel hand-knotted rugs
Regular price€ 2,880.00€ 2,736.00
carpet edition patchwork rugs
Regular price€ 980.00€ 931.00
carpet edition nomad dune woven wool rug
Regular price€ 2,250.00€ 2,137.50
carpet edition nomad clan large wool rug
Regular price€ 1,575.00€ 1,496.25
carpet edition nomad atlas hand knotted rug
Regular price€ 2,655.00€ 2,522.25
carpet edition metropol bouclé rugs
Regular price€ 1,644.00€ 1,562.00
carpet edition hemp sumak natural fiber rugs
Regular price€ 490.00€ 465.50
carpet edition hemp straw elegant carpets
Regular price€ 960.00€ 912.00
carpet edition hemp loop carpets
Regular price€ 808.00€ 768.00
carpet edition gradation carpets
Regular price€ 1,644.00€ 1,561.80
carpet edition damask contemporary rugs
Regular price€ 6,562.00€ 6,233.90
carpet edition berber kela stripes rugs
Regular price€ 1,788.00€ 1,698.60
carpet edition bamboo shaded rugs
Regular price€ 1,644.00€ 1,561.80
carpet edition bamboo design rugs
Regular price€ 1,920.00€ 1,824.00
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